Transformative Insights: A Deep Dive to Explore Opinion Labs’ Cutting-Edge Ecosystem 


In the field of digital innovation, Opinion Labs is a pioneering force reshaping the dynamics of human connection and value exchange. With the goal of venturing into the next frontier for human opinion, Opinion Labs is developing the first-ever continuous prediction market and dynamic opinion market, alongside a liquidity-enabled fair launch platform. Through the integration of these products, Opinion Labs aims to address the issue of users’ opinions and attention not being adequately valued or translated into tangible value, striving to achieve permanent liquidity through cultural interaction that transcends mere topics and memes.

The company has a multidimensional ecosystem that is driven by cutting-edge technologies and a vision for empowering specific individuals. In this article, a comprehensive review of the ecosystem of Opinion Labs is presented, with insights drawn from the ecosystem’s fundamental components, strategic relationships, tokenomics, and forthcoming trajectory.

Example of Trump vs. Biden

In 2020, a single prediction poll—Trump vs. Biden—accounted for a notable 22% of FTX’s referral traffic, driving record-breaking volume on their exchange. Inspired by this, Opinion Labs aims to create an opinion-driven ecosystem. Despite web3’s challenges in sustaining user engagement, Opinion Labs stands out with its commitment to active participation, particularly amidst the current supercycle and geopolitical tensions. When Opinion Labs launches campaigns, the surge in user engagement often overwhelms platforms like Twitter’s API, underscoring its significant impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.


In the opinion market, users have the opportunity to invest in their convictions, earning tangible rewards for their insights into crypto market sentiment. This platform fosters vibrant discussions, dynamic community opinions, and facilitates on-chain governance, empowering users to actively participate in decision-making processes.

AlphaOrBeta OPINION is the very first ever dynamic opinion market that Opinion Labs has ever created. This entertainment decentralized application (DApp) allows users to construct, invest, trade, and value perspectives on a broad variety of issues, including but not limited to sports, technology and entertainment. This allows users to differentiate themselves from traditional index trading. 

Through their selection for the Binance Labs MVB Season 7 accelerator, Opinion Labs has recently been incubated with the assistance of Binance Labs and BNB Chain. This is due to the fact that they were chosen. Within eight weeks of obtaining a grant from the Mantle ecosystem fund, the project, which is considered to be one of the most active projects on the Mantle chain, was able to complete more than 500,000 transactions and attract more than 200,000 blockchain users who were actively participating in the project in just three months. An impressive 80% of its active users are from Europe, Turkey, and Southeast Asia, demonstrating the platform’s worldwide appeal and extensive acceptance.

Top-ranked on Mantle’s social track, a/b OPINION, the leading platform for entertainment, comes in at a solid fourth place on Arbitrum. Moreover, AlphaOrBeta is ranked in the 15th position as one of the top dApps built on BNB Chain ecosystem, sorted by Users, TVL, and TXN.

A/b OPINION introduces the much-awaited Skywalker Campaign, along with an improved scoring system and an exclusive assortment of NFTs loaded with privileges, along with a calculated entrée into the vibrant BNB environment. The campaign attracts over 50,000 passionate community members, with an astounding 16% of them being first-time opBNB users. It receives exceptional engagement. 

Introducing the Skywalker NFT Collection, a gateway to unlocking future tokens within the AlphaOrBeta ecosystem. These NFTs are more than just digital assets; they represent upgradable treasures that reward active participation. By engaging in the ecosystem, users can unlock greater rewards and claim free abCHIPS, their first step towards a world of opportunities.

Participating in the ecosystem not only earns rewards but also enhances one’s status and collection of unique NFTs. Each vote cast with crypto or abCHIPS is an opportunity to earn more and ascend to higher levels within the ecosystem. These NFTs serve as keys to a new realm of earning potential, incentivizing users to vote, engage, and collect within the AlphaOrBeta ecosystem.

In addition to the successful onboarding of over 20 partners spanning various sectors, with a collective user base exceeding 10 million, Opinion Labs is pioneering alongside more than 20 Web3 giants, boasting a combined valuation exceeding $7 billion. Together, they are crafting the next chapter in human opinion, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the way opinions are valued and exchanged in the digital realm.

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Within the opBNB ecosystem, where diverse sectors converge, Opinion Labs is leading the charge in creating an unparalleled fusion of user engagement and liquidity. Through platforms like AlphaOrBeta OPINION, Opinion Labs empowers users to participate in dynamic opinion markets, enabling them to express their viewpoints on a wide range of topics, from entertainment and sports to technology and politics.

But Opinion Labs’ ambition doesn’t stop there. With the development of a/b Prediction (MVP) and the ERC50 meme launchpad (Closed beta), the company is poised to further expand its reach and impact in the digital landscape. By offering users the opportunity to predict future events and participate in meme-based token launches, Opinion Labs is at the forefront of innovation, driving forward the evolution of human opinion in the digital age.

Vision: Shaping a New Reality

At the heart of Opinion Labs’ purpose is a vision for crafting a new world, one in which views go beyond the realm of simple expression and become valuable assets in a global market. Through the utilization of blockchain technology, cryptography, and artificial intelligence, Opinion Labs intends to construct the most extensive opinion identity and financial network in the whole planet. Through the utilization of the power of technology, the platform endeavors to guarantee that the viewpoints of every single person are not just acknowledged but additionally given the ability to be expressed in the digital sphere.

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Opinion Labs spearheads a transformative approach to digital engagement with the Prediction Market and ERC50 Launchpad. These innovations pivot towards continuous prediction models, amplifying user opinions and fostering perpetual liquidity. 

Opinion Labs is leading the charge to create the first user-engagement-driven continuous prediction market on a global scale. The product has completed its minimum viable product (MVP) phase and is now ready to launch its public beta within the next month. There are some evergreen ideas, subjects, and memes that, because of community engagement and leisure, keep gaining traction over time, even when the present array of products covers most wants. The community is the driving force behind cultural phenomena, and in the cryptocurrency world, liquidity and price dynamics are the most powerful unifying factors.

Opinion Labs innovates a decentralized liquidity platform embodied in the form of an ERC50 meme launchpad. This groundbreaking product addresses two critical challenges: firstly, it safeguards against malicious actors and rug pulls, mitigating risks associated with fraudulent activities. Secondly, tailored to our platform’s needs, it revolutionizes the paradigm of fleeting event-driven attention, ushering in an era of sustained liquidity fueled by community-driven fair launches. By fostering continuous liquidity, Opinion Labs ensures that user engagement transcends transient moments, evolving into a lasting and vibrant ecosystem of cultural expression and speculation. Through fair launch liquidity crowdsourcing and meme coin initiatives, Opinion Labs cultivates an ecosystem where transient moments evolve into enduring cultural phenomena, ensuring sustained user engagement and meaningful interaction.

Integration with Social Networks: Building an Invisible Social Infrastructure

Opinion Labs is at the forefront of the creation of an invisible social infrastructure that can be effortlessly integrated with the most popular social apps in the world. Through its ability to bring together people from a wide variety of platforms, Opinion Labs is able to establish a thriving ecosystem in which opinions are not only heard but also respected. As a result of its dynamic decentralized applications, which include AlphaOrBeta OPINION and the forthcoming Prediction Market, users are able to take part in opinion markets that span a wide variety of subjects, which can lead to increased community participation and interaction.

Future Roadmap: Paving the Way Forward

On April 16, at Binance’s MVB Demo Day, OpinionLabs debuted their first open-source launchpad built on the ERC50 protocol. The $MVBEE token, designed to commemorate and showcase the use of MVB 7, has a one-click fair launch method, as they demonstrated. 

With an eye toward the future, Opinion Labs has devised a meticulously planned strategy for the extension of its ecosystem. There are plans to develop a minimum viable product for the Prediction Market, as well as liquidity campaigns and the establishment of official governance communities. 

Additionally, Opinion Labs intends to facilitate multi-chain integration and build omni-chain liquidity solutions to guarantee seamless connectivity across a variety of blockchain networks. In the event that the platform continues to develop and grow, it has the potential to bring in a new era of digital democracy and inclusivity.


In conclusion, Opinion Labs’ innovative ecosystem represents a paradigm shift in how opinions are valued and exchanged in the digital age. By leveraging technology, fostering community-driven engagement, and forging strategic partnerships, Opinion Labs is poised to reshape the landscape of social interaction and financial empowerment on a global scale. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it holds the promise of democratizing access to opinions and amplifying the voices of individuals worldwide.

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