Bitcoin Cash And eCash Surge, NUGX Presale Hype Suggests Bullish Momentum On The Horizon


  • Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) surge could go on in Q2 2024.
  • eCash’s (XEC) program to establish a zk-subnet will increase its standing in the crypto privacy sector.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) has created $3.75 million from its just lately concluded presale.

Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) approaching halving has produced desire in its local community. eCash (XEC) has launched a new privacy software program for its users.

NuggetRush has raised above $3.75 million right after offering above 270 million presale tokens. The challenge has also raised 100% curiosity for its earliest investors. Can NUGX turn into one particular of the prime gaming tokens? Continue to keep looking through for far more.

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Bitcoin Cash Nears $700 in Late March

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has become one of the most bullish altcoins on the crypto market. Demand for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soared in March amid the market-wide rally. On-chain reports also show a $5 billion increase in Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) market capitalization in the final weeks of March.

BCH traded at $316.13 on March 1. It rose by 39.9% to $442.52 on March 13. BCH fell by 18.8% to $359.24 on March 19 before surging by 89.4% to $680.42 on March 31.

Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) halving will come in the first week of April. Its community members hope for a surge to $700 before the halving. Some analysts predict another Bitcoin Cash (BCH) increase after the halving due to the growing demand for Proof of Work tokens.

Furthermore, Bitcoin will undergo a halving that will impact the larger crypto market. This could boost demand for top altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, pushing BCH’s value up by 11.0% to $755.66.

eCash Releases Cash Fusion Privacy Feature

eCash (XEC) has capitalized on the growing demand for privacy services with the new release of Cash Fusion. The new service would allow eCash users to control their privacy when executing daily transactions. Excitement around the news could boost eCash’s (XEC) market performance.

XEC traded at $0.00003948 on March 1. It jumped by 49.0% to $0.00005883 on March 15. A market-wide correction pushed XEC’s value up by 21.2% to $0.00004633 on March 19. XEC then recovered by 49.4% to $0.00006926 on March 29.

eCash (XEC) also revealed a plan to release a zero-knowledge subnet to boost its privacy, bringing it on par with leading privacy coins. This could increase demand for eCash (XEC), helping it withstand pressure from competitors. It could also push eCash’s XEC token up by 21.9% to $0.00008446.

NuggetRush&#8217s Bullish Signals Increase as its Token Sale Count Exceeds 270 Million

NuggetRush (NUGX) is an adventure game with exciting challenges and multiple ways to earn wealth. Yet, it stands out for its unique 3D mining adventures. Being thrust into NuggetRush&#8217s world is akin to embarking on a real-life adventure where gamers will explore vast lands looking for extractable resources.

NuggetRush (NUGX) also offers high financial opportunities thanks to its vibrant in-game mining economy. Extracted resources are refined and sold on the game&#8217s marketplace in exchange for cash. The game also rewards players after each completed challenge.

One of the most intriguing parts about the adventures on NuggetRush (NUGX) is worker recruitment. This requires shrewdness, as players need careful selection from the game&#8217s wide variety of NFT characters. Gamers can also upgrade their worker NFTs to boost their abilities. This leads to a direct boost in mining efficiency and a higher reward eligibility.

Players earn money from trading their mining assets. NuggetRush&#8217s (NUGX) earning potential is nearly unmatched in the gaming industry. Aside from the vibrant trading of resources, gamers can stake NFT collectibles.

The earnable rewards for NFT staking largely depend on the selected lock-up duration. However, NFT staking rewards in NuggetRush (NUGX) go as high as 20%.

NuggetRush&#8217s (NUGX) presale is close to an official end after selling over 270 million tokens to gamers and investors. The project has also raised $3.75 million, showing the incredible performance of its blockchain ICO.

One NUGX token will sell for $0.020 after a 100% increase in its presale. Furthermore, it will get listed soon. This increase could make it one of the most popular NFT projects in the gaming industry.

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