SADA Launches a New Gen AI Journey Accelerator Consultative Offering

What Is The News?

A new consulting offering called GenAI Journey Accelerator has been launched today by SADA (an Insight company), a top business and technology consultant. SADA is an award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner across many products and engagement models. With its all-encompassing approach and roadmap, the GenAI Journey Accelerator is set to revolutionize AI adoption in enterprises.

It will help businesses navigate the challenges of AI integration and seize growth and innovation opportunities. With the GenAI Journey Accelerator, clients can go from discovering use cases to implementing them in a matter of weeks, rather than months. When businesses use SADA Flex Services in conjunction with Google Cloud’s newest offerings—such as Vertex, the AI platform, Gemini models, Gemini Code Assist, and BigQuery with the most recent AI updates—they can overcome the obstacles that come with AI adoption.

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Why Does This News Matter?

There is a skills gap that is hindering digital leaders from keeping up with the rate of change, according to Google Cloud’s 2024 Data and AI Trends study. Many firms launch AI projects that don’t provide economic value. To overcome these obstacles, SADA developed a multi-step GenAI adoption framework. The first stage is the GenAI Workshop, where consumers gain a basic grasp of GenAI and the other AI products available in Google Cloud. The GenAI Workshop laid the groundwork for SADA’s GenAI Journey Accelerator, which aims to increase knowledge of how AI can revolutionize corporate use cases and produce tangible outcomes.

To further assist firms on their AI journey, SADA is now launching an online maturity evaluation. Businesses will be able to assess their AI preparedness and get tailored information to speed up their AI adoption journey.


By taking a comprehensive view of AI adoption, SADA enables enterprises to scale AI adoption while tackling various obstacles, such as data management, security, and governance.

1. Comprehensive Strategy: SADA’s GenAI Journey Accelerator provides organizations with a robust roadmap for AI integration, ensuring clarity and confidence in navigating the complexities of adoption.

2. Innovation Catalyst: By offering a multi-stage adoption framework, SADA enables businesses to transition from AI experimentation to tangible business value, fostering a culture of innovation.

3. Rapid Implementation: With the GenAI Journey Accelerator, organizations can swiftly move from identifying use cases to implementing AI solutions in a matter of weeks, streamlining the adoption process.

4. Cutting-edge Technology Evaluation: SADA Flex Services allow businesses to stay abreast of the latest advancements in Google Cloud technology, including Vertex AI and Gemini models, ensuring they harness the most innovative tools for AI integration.

5. Customized Support: SADA’s online maturity assessment provides personalized insights tailored to each organization’s AI readiness, facilitating a tailored approach to accelerate the journey to AI adoption.

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