How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error in Play Store (10 Methods)

Even though Google Play Store is the preferred app store for Android, it still needs to be completely bug-free. At times, it can show errors and prevent you from downloading apps.

While downloading apps from the Google Play Store, users get an error message that reads ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’. If you’ve been getting the same error, check out what it means and how to resolve the problem.

Why ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ Error Appears?

The error message occurs due to various reasons. Here are some prominent reasons known for triggering this error.

  • Poor or No Internet Connectivity.
  • Corrupted Google Play Store’s App Data and Cache.
  • You’re Signed in with multiple Google Accounts, and one of them is causing the error.
  • Google Server Outage.

These are some of the possible causes of the error message on the Google Play Store. Now that you know the reasons, it’s time to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Restart Your Android Smartphone

Restarting your Android Smartphone could be an easy fix for the most complicated phone and app problems. Restarting your phone when certain things go wrong is never a bad idea.

There’s no harm in restarting Android phones at regular intervals, as restarting gives your phone time to cool down & release the RAM. So, if you haven’t restarted your Android phone for a while, restart it now.

If restarting Android didn’t help, follow the next methods we have shared below.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Check the Internet Connection

Before trying anything else, you should check if your internet connection is working. No matter how often you try, you will receive errors if an internet connection is unavailable.

Google Play Store requires an active internet connection to serve apps and games. Hence, you must check your internet connection before following the next methods.

You can use Internet Speed test apps to check if your internet connection is working. If no such apps are available, you can open your web browser and visit the website.

3. Check If Google’s Servers are Down

Check If Google's Servers are Down

If your internet is working, but you still get the ‘Something Went Wrong’ error message while accessing the Google Play Store, you need to check if Google’s Servers are facing any outage.

If Google’s servers were down for maintenance, you couldn’t utilize the Google Play Store. Not only Google Play Store, but you will also face problems while using other Google Services such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

To confirm this, check the Google Play Store’s status page in the downdetector.

4. Force Stop the Google Play Store

The next thing you can do to resolve the error on the Google Play Store is force-stopping the app.

You only need to force quit and restart the app to resolve the error message. For that, long press on the Google Play Store app icon and select App Info.

Force Stop

You need to tap the Force Stop button on the App Info screen. This will force stop Google Play Store on your Android device. Once done, relaunch the app.

5. Correct the Date and Time of your Smartphone

Many users have reported that they fixed the error by correcting the date and time. Incorrect date and time often trigger problems with the Google Play Store, and many apps would also stop working.

So, in this method, you must fix the incorrect date and time on your smartphone. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the Settings app on Android and select System or System Settings.

System settings

2. On the System Settings, tap the Date & time option.

Date & time

3. Next, on the Date & time, enable the option Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

Set time automatically

6. Toggle Flight Mode On/Off

Airplane Mode

Flight Mode or Airplane mode resets the network connection and can resolve many internet connectivity issues. So, if the error appears due to an internet issue, you need to try this method.

To toggle Airplane mode, pull down the Notification shutter and tap Airplane Mode. This would reset the Network settings and fix the Google Play Store error.

7. Clear Google Play Store & Services Cache

If you still get the ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ error, even after following all the methods, you must clear the Google Play Store Cache. Clearing the data cache will fix many Google Play Store problems. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android and tap on the Apps.


2. On the Apps page, tap on App Management.

App Management

3. Now, find Google Play Store and tap on it. On the App info page, tap on Storage Usage.

Storage Usage

4. On the next screen, tap on the Clear Cache button.

Clear Cache

5. You must also clear the cache for Google Play Services.

clear the cache for Google Play Services

8. Uninstall the Google Play Store Updates

Google Play Store automatically installs the updates in the background. And sometimes, uninstalling the Play Store updates can also resolve the ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ issue.

Uninstall updates

Open the Google Play Store App info page (Apps > Google Play Store) and tap the three dots in the top-right corner. From the list of options that appears, select Uninstall Updates.

Once done, open the Google Play Store; this time, you won’t get the ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ error message.

9. Remove Your Google Account and Sign in Again

If you have come this far, the problem is likely still unresolved. The next thing to do is to remove the Google Account from your device and sign in again.

1. Open the Settings app on Android and tap Passwords & accounts. In some phones, the option may be Users & accounts.

Google Account

2. On the Passwords and accounts, tap on your Google Account.

Google Account

3. On the next screen, tap on three dots in the top-right corner.

4. From the list of options that appears, select Remove Account

Remove Account

10. Use Google Play Store Alternatives

10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives for Android

If all of the methods fail to resolve the Google Play Store Something went wrong error message; the only option is to use a Google Play Store alternative.

Google Play Store is not the only app store for Android; apps and games can also be downloaded from other app stores.

Hence, the next best thing you can do is to use Google Play Store alternatives to download apps & games on your Android smartphone.

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These are some of the best methods to fix ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ on the Google Play Store. If you have followed all the methods carefully, the error may already be fixed. If you need more help fixing Google Play Store errors, let us know in the comments below.

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