Warning Issued to Dogecoin Community While Bittensor Rival Eyes Long-Term Gains

Dog-themed Dogecoin (DOGE) hit the headlines recently on an ominous note. The Dogecoin team has alerted the community that there isn’t any official airdrop of the token and any report suggesting the same could be a scam.

Analysts said the warning is one to pay attention to as the number of exploits and frauds targeting its holders is on the rise.

The other altcoin that has sent the crypto community into a tizzy is InQubeta (QUBE). The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency is used for crowdfunding by AI startups.

Given its cutting-edge features, experts are calling the cryptocurrency a ‘Bittensor killer’. Its cryptocurrency ICO ended recently after raising over $13.6 million.

InQubeta: Driving interest in AI altcoins

InQubeta has released an official coin for all transactions, payments, and rewards on its platform – the QUBE token. It’s a top crypto to invest in and is built on the ERC-20 standard. It has a total supply of 1.5 billion.

The platform has a transparent investment model where crypto buyers buy NFTs representing AI startup projects. The NFTs can be fractionalised and are bought only with QUBE tokens.

InQubeta works with a decentralized governance structure where token holders are the decision-makers. The distribution of responsibility prevents the centralization of power and allows token holders to flag their concerns about operational matters.

When a new proposal is floated in the community, it’s put to a vote after a discussion. Only token holders are invited to vote and the outcome determines the fate of the proposal.

Using a deflationary model, the QUBE token ensures that its holders’ portfolios earn consistently. The model trims the cryptocurrency’s supply whenever inflation is rising.

As the token becomes scarce, its price rises and pushes the demand. The supply is lowered by burning any additional tokens in circulation. A deflationary character serves as an ace even if the market takes a turn for the worse.

The QUBE token has exhibited its potential to increase people’s generational wealth with its staking service. As part of staking, token holders willingly stake their tokens in exchange for crypto rewards.

The tokens are set aside in liquidity pools and are used to amp up the security of the blockchain and its growth. For as long as the tokens remain staked, the owners will get rewards from an exclusive corpus. The staking rewards pool is maintained through tax collections.

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HotKey launches new token standard for Bittensor

Bittensor is among the new altcoins that are exploring new avenues in the AI and DeFi sectors. The cryptocurrency is considered the world’s first neutral internet and decentralizes machine learning models.

For all transactional purposes on the platform, the native token TAO is used.

The platform recently collaborated with HotKey for a new token BTS-20. The new standard will help developers leverage decentralized AI models on the Bittensor network and promote its mass adoption.

Dogecoin community observes ‘DOGE Day’

Dogecoin is among the most popular meme coins and is inspired by the famous Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu. The meme coin’s native token DOGE is listed on multiple exchanges and is compatible with leading Web 3.0 wallets.

Its community celebrated ‘DOGE Day’ on April 20 — the day when the canine-themed token was established. As wishes started pouring in from all corners of the world, the DOGE token became one of the top trends on social media networks.

The team behind the meme coin recently issued an important warning to the community that it never organizes airdrops. The development comes after several Dogecoin holders were duped by misleading reports about airdrops.


With a solid track record to show their mettle, Dogecoin, Bittensor, and InQubeta are being hailed as the best altcoins for 2024. The three tokens have posted strong growth despite market downturns and represent the far-reaching impact of DeFi solutions.

Over the years, the three cryptocurrencies have made considerable strides with a slew of partnerships and projects. Bittensor has reached a larger audience with the new token standard BTS-20. Meanwhile, Dogecoin’s Doge Day celebrations helped it get the attention of the global crypto community.

After wrapping up a successful ICO, InQubeta is ready for its next innings. The InQubeta team is working towards driving the platform’s reach through new initiatives like an upcoming staking dApp. In another milestone, the QUBE token is now listed on two exchanges – MEXC and Uniswap – where buyers can accumulate the token easily.

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