Shaip Unveils Cutting-Edge Data Platform for Ethical and Quality AI Training

Experience unparalleled functionality with a State-of-the-art AI Data platform that works smarter to deliver quality data for AI projects

In an era where artificial intelligence is transforming industries, the integrity and quality of training data are paramount to the success of AI models. Shaip, a leading provider of AI data services, today announced the launch of Shaip Data Platform, a state-of-the-art solution designed to source high-quality, diverse, and ethically sourced data for training and fine-tuning AI models. The Shaip Data Platform consists of three core components: Shaip Manage, Shaip Work, and Shaip Intelligence.

Shaip Manage empowers project managers to define precise data collection parameters, set diversity quotas, manage volumes, and establish domain-specific requirements. This app streamlines the alignment of project goals with the right vendors and workforce, guaranteeing that the collected data meets the highest standards of diversity, ethics, and quality.

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Shaip Work enables seamless connection and engagement with Shaip’s global network of over 30,000 qualified contributors. Using the Shaip mobile app, taskers on the ground collect real-world or synthetic data, adhering to strict project guidelines. Dedicated QA teams perform rigorous multi-level audits to ensure data integrity for AI model training.

At the core of the platform lies Shaip Intelligence, which employs automated validation of data and metadata to ensure that only the highest quality data progresses to human validation. With support for various data types, including audio, images, and video.

“Shaip Data Platform stands out in the industry with its commitment to ethical data integrity, adaptive data scalability, and global domain expertise,” said Vatsal Ghiya, CEO of Shaip. “By ethically sourcing data with explicit individual consent, we create high-quality, diverse, and representative datasets that mitigate biases and contribute to responsible AI development.”

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With a strong focus on data security, privacy, and compliance, as demonstrated by its recent SOC 2 Type 2 certification, as well as its adherence to ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 27001 for information security, and HIPAA for protecting sensitive healthcare data, Shaip empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of AI while ensuring the highest standards of data integrity and protection.

The platform’s adaptive scalability allows it to accommodate various AI applications, including Conversational AI, Healthcare AI, Generative AI, and Computer Vision. Shaip’s global network of domain experts spans healthcare, finance, legal, and other major industries, providing access to skilled in-house staff, qualified vendors, and hybrid teams to meet specific project requirements.

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