Scaling SMB Success:’s New AI Platform Bridges the Gap to Big Business Competitiveness, a groundbreaking AI ecosystem designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the advanced tools necessary to compete with larger enterprises.|

In today’s business landscape, it is almost impossible to level up the information asymmetry for entrepreneurs without huge teams, millions of dollars, and years of work. Connecting all the data points from various service providers, including ad platforms, ecommerce platforms, logistics platforms, and financial platforms, and making decisions 24/7 for the average entrepreneur is a formidable challenge. As a result, seven out of ten SMBs in the US don’t survive beyond five years, despite SMBs contributing $60 trillion to worldwide GDP annually. Latest News: Tabnine Adds Support for Anthropic Claude 3 Model to Accelerate and Optimize Software Development’s platform equips SMBs with an easy-to-use app where they will find one-click actionable advice for their business based on best methodologies, starting from operations, marketing, finance, and logistics, traditionally reserved for big corporations, leveling the competitive playing field.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Volodymyr (Vlad) Panchenko and AI expert Mohammad (Hamudi) Naanaa, leverages top talent from industry giants like PayPal, Apple, Amazon, Google, and WhatsApp. The team is committed to transforming the operations of 400 million SMBs worldwide and leveling the competition with big corporations. features an orchestrator for an array of AI agents, each specialized in key business areas. These agents harness data from platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Google, Meta, Wix, QuickBooks, and many more to put together a holistic business picture with the help of conversational AI. They offer one click actionable recommendations and execute tasks around the clock to ensure continuous business success. agents know how to use COGS, COGR, LTV, CAPEX, and OPEX so that talents can focus on their passion.

“SMBs often find themselves at a disadvantage due to resource constraints when competing with larger enterprises. Our AI agents are designed to change that dynamic, giving SMBs the leverage to not just survive but thrive in competitive markets. You don’t need a dashboard anymore to run the business effectively.  We provide actions based on the world’s best methodologies,” said Vlad Panchenko, CEO and co-founder of “ offers SMBs an expert team solely focused on action, leveling the playing field and fighting for the success of each business.”

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“Official statistics show that nearly 70% of small and medium businesses fail within the first five years but create over 50% of worldwide GDP. acts as the first crucial hire for SMBs, constantly elevating all aspects of their operations. Our ultimate aim is to automate decision-making for entrepreneurs and level up the game with large corporations,” added co-founder and CTO Hamudi Naanaa.

During its pilot phase, demonstrated its transformative potential, achieving a 223% increase in operational efficiency and generating over $2 million in additional revenue for its first customers, effectively positioning SMBs on par with larger enterprises.’s mission is to democratize sophisticated business management techniques, making them accessible and scalable for SMBs worldwide. is set to redefine what’s possible for SMBs, offering hundreds of millions of entrepreneurs an immediate level up and a fast track to success on a global level.

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