OpenSats Gets $21M from Jack Dorsey’s Startsmall

OpenSats, a charity supporting Bitcoin and freedom tech, has received $21 million from Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall initiative.

The funding allocation includes $15 million directed to the General Fund, $5 million to The Nostr Fund, and $1 million to the operations budget. This contribution is part of #startsmall’s efforts to support technology that empowers freedom and individual liberties.

Current Status of OpenSats Funding

Before this contribution, OpenSats had allocated approximately $10 million in grants to over 100 recipients. These grants have supported various projects and initiatives aligned with OpenSats’ mission to advance technology that enhances freedom. The organization has expressed gratitude for its substantial support, which has been crucial for its ongoing operations and initiatives.

OpenSats stated: “We agree and are honored and humbled to receive such a generous donation. We will do our best to continually allocate the funds to high-impact projects and freedom tech infrastructure.”

Engagement and Support from the Community

OpenSats relies on donations from the public and philanthropic organizations to fund its activities. In addition to the recent donation from #startsmall, the organization has also received support from other donors, such as the Reynolds Foundation. OpenSats is also inviting individuals and entities interested in supporting Bitcoin and the freedom tech movement to reach out and contribute to its mission. The platform stated that every donation will help the organization in its efforts to support and develop high-impact projects within the technology sector.

Last year, Jack Dorsey donated $10 million to OpenSats last year, and the Reynolds Foundation donated $1 million to the platform last month.


The Reynolds Foundation is supporting OpenSats with a generous $1M donation, noting that they "warmly invite fellow philanthropists to join [them] in supporting this groundbreaking endeavor."

— OpenSats (@OpenSats) April 22, 2024

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