Nigeria Launches First Multilingual Language Model for AI Development

Nigeria has taken a significant step forward in artificial intelligence (AI) development with the launch of its first multilingual large language model (LLM). Spearheaded by the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, this initiative underscores Nigeria’s commitment to leadership in technological innovation within Africa.

Nigeria’s Leap in AI Development

Source: Dr. Bosun Tijani

The unveiling of Nigeria’s inaugural multilingual large language model (LLM) marks a pivotal moment for the country’s AI landscape. Communications Minister Dr. Bosun Tijani announced this milestone following a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders in AI development, including Awarritech, DataDotOrg, NITDA, and the National Centre for AI and Robotics (NCAIR).

The LLM, trained in five low-resource languages and accented English, aims to enhance language representation in AI datasets. This strategic endeavor will bolster the development of AI solutions tailored to Nigeria’s linguistic diversity, ensuring broader inclusivity and effectiveness in technological applications.

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Accelerating AI Projects in Nigeria

Source: CNN

In addition to launching the LLM, Nigeria is intensifying efforts to advance its AI capabilities through strategic partnerships and investments. The collaboration between 21st Century Technologies, Galaxy Backbone, and NCAIR Nigeria underscores the nation’s commitment to expediting critical AI projects.

21st Century Technologies’ investment in GPU resources will bolster national computing capacity, providing essential support for local researchers, startups, and government initiatives in AI development. Furthermore, the relaunch of NCAIR as a dedicated research center highlights Nigeria’s focus on fostering innovation in AI, robotics, and related technologies across key sectors.

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Nigeria’s foray into AI development is gaining momentum, fueled by robust partnerships and substantial investments from both domestic and international stakeholders. The launch of the country’s first multilingual large language model represents a crucial stride towards harnessing AI’s transformative potential to address societal challenges and drive economic growth. As Nigeria continues to prioritize digital innovation, the stage is set for accelerated progress and leadership in AI within the African continent and beyond.

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