New Vanguard CEO Rules Out Bitcoin ETF, Experts Advise Moving From Dogecion To This Bittensor Rival

In a move that’s got the crypto world scratching its head, Vanguard’s new CEO Salim Ramji just dropped a bombshell: the $8.6 trillion investment giant won’t be launching a spot Bitcoin ETF anytime soon. But while the Vanguard faithful are busy licking their wounds, the smart money is already looking ahead to the next big thing – Borroe Finance ($ROE).


Vanguard’s Bitcoin ETF Buzzkill

You’d think that with Ramji’s pedigree as the former head of BlackRock’s global ETF division, he’d be all over the Bitcoin ETF hype train. After all, it was under his watch that BlackRock launched the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) back in January.

But in a recent interview with Barron’s, Ramji made it clear that crypto-related investment products don’t fit with Vanguard’s “investment philosophy.” Apparently, consistency is key when you’re managing trillions of dollars – even if it means missing out on the hottest trend in finance.

While some in the industry were holding out hope that Ramji would change Vanguard’s tune on Bitcoin ETFs, Bloomberg ETF expert James Seyffart saw the writing on the wall. In an X post on May 15th, he expressed his disbelief that Ramji would do a 180 on the company’s stance.

From Dogecoin to Borroe Finance: The Great Altcoin Migration

The real action is happening in the altcoin arena, where savvy investors are already pivoting from meme coins like Dogecoin to the next generation of AI-powered blockchain disruptors. And leading that charge is none other than Borroe Finance.

This CrossFi powerhouse is gearing up to take on Bittensor and redefine what’s possible with decentralized machine learning. Boasting cutting-edge AI algorithms, deep liquidity pools, Borroe Finance is the top trending AI ecosystem token.

With a $4.4 million presale of its governance token $ROE, Borroe Finance is gearing up for a mainnet launch that’s going to send shockwaves through the altcoin universe. At a starting price of just $0.025, $ROE is practically a steal and has been predicted to spike 20x before the end of 2024.

Beyond mere speculations, here are some reasons why Borroe Finance is on the lips of the crypto community.

  1. AI Meets DeFi: Borroe Finance is harnessing the power of machine learning to optimize every aspect of the DeFi experience, from yield farming to token swaps. Bittensor can’t touch that.
  2. Oracles on Steroids: Borroe Finance‘s next-gen oracles are like the Navy SEALs of price feeds – they’re fast, accurate, and always ready for action.
  3. NFT Gaming Meets CrossFi: With Borroe Finance, the worlds of NFT gaming and CrossFi collide in a beautiful explosion of FOMO-inducing gains.
  4. HODL for Days: With a tokenomics model that rewards long-term holders and a community that’s more rabid than a pack of Shiba Inu Tokens, Borroe Finance is the ultimate HODL play.


The Bottom Line

While Vanguard is undecided about Bitcoin ETFs, Borroe Finance offers a way out for crypto lovers to benefit from the perks of AI. Making it a no brainer for those looking to join a thriving ecosystem and get rewarded for their interest.

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