IBM Expands Software Portfolio Allowing Enterprises to Build, Scale and Govern AI Workloads

What Is The News?

IBM’s software portfolio is now available in 92 countries through AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog that makes it easy to discover, test, purchase, and install software that is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The catalog features thousands of listings from independent software vendors (ISVs). Clients will find it easier to use their AWS committed spend for IBM software purchases, and the expansion beyond the current availability of the software in Denmark, France, Germany, the UK, and the US will streamline purchasing, create new efficiencies, and make procurement easier. With a projected 84% CAGR over five years,* cloud marketplaces are predicted to reach US $45 billion by 2025, making them the fastest-growing route to market for applications-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, according to a Canalys report. Marketplaces also facilitate faster software deployment scaling, simplified billing, and a shorter buying cycle.

“Both IBM and AWS play a huge role in our success,” said Uri Bechar, vice president of software engineering, Redis. “Part of my job is to ensure our organization fulfills our committed spend with AWS and that the purchasing process is streamlined. Buying IBM software in AWS Marketplace gives us more flexibility, enables us to use our committed spend, and ultimately makes the entire process easier so we can deploy faster and start seeing value from our investments. I just go in, click accept, then I’m done.”

Why Does This News Matter?

With this announcement, IBM’s 44 listings and 29 SaaS solutions make its artificial intelligence (AI) and data technologies more accessible to clients. The Watsonx AI and Data platform is one such technology that helps businesses create, expand, and control their AI workloads.AWS Marketplace now offers, an open data lakehouse architecture data storage,, an AI builder’s next-gen studio, and two AI assistants from IBM, watsonx assistant and watsonx orchestrate. You may anticipate Watsonx.governance’s release in the near future.

“IBM’s global expansion with AWS Marketplace opens up innovation opportunities for our joint customers across the world,” said Matt Yanchyshyn, General Manager AWS Marketplace and Partner Services at AWS. “By leveraging the speed and simplified procurement capabilities of AWS Marketplace, customers can now more easily access IBM’s cutting-edge solutions, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation and drive innovation at scale. This expanded collaboration between AWS and IBM reflects our shared commitment to empowering customers with the tools and resources they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.”


Benefits of IBM’s software portfolio being available in 92 countries through AWS Marketplace:

1. Enhanced Accessibility: Clients in 92 countries now have easier access to IBM’s software portfolio through the AWS Marketplace. This increased accessibility allows businesses worldwide to leverage IBM’s AI and data technologies, empowering them to innovate and drive digital transformation regardless of their geographical location.

2. Streamlined Procurement Process: By offering IBM software on AWS Marketplace, the procurement process is streamlined for clients. They can now conveniently discover, test, purchase, and install IBM software directly through the digital catalog, simplifying the entire purchasing journey. This streamlining of procurement processes saves time and resources for clients, enabling them to focus on deploying and deriving value from the software quickly.

3. Utilization of Committed Spend: Clients can now utilize their AWS committed spend for IBM software purchases. This flexibility in spending allows clients to optimize their budgets effectively, ensuring that their investments align with their strategic objectives. By leveraging their committed spend, clients can maximize the value they derive from both AWS and IBM solutions.

4. Scalability and Efficiency: With the projected 84% CAGR of cloud marketplaces, the collaboration between IBM and AWS on AWS Marketplace offers scalability and efficiency benefits. Cloud marketplaces facilitate faster software deployment scaling, simplified billing processes, and shorter buying cycles. This enables businesses to adapt to changing market dynamics quickly, scale their operations efficiently, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.


Built on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, other software includes IBM’s flagship database Db2 Cloud Pak for Data, a suite of automation tools including Apptio, Turbonomic, and Instana, and product portfolios for IBM Security and Sustainability. With cloud-native software and flexible licensing options like SaaS and subscription, customers can buy exactly what they need, when they need it, on AWS. A total of fifteen newly developed professional services and assets from IBM Consulting are now available on the AWS Marketplace. These new services are designed to meet the demands of our clients and are centered around data and application modernization, security, and industry-specific solutions. Some of these services even incorporate generative AI capabilities. Helping clients with specific advice based on industry best practices, IBM Consulting delivers 24,000 AWS certifications and a dedicated team of professionals versed in the newest AWS technologies.

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