How to Fix ‘This Account Is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp’

If you use a modded version of WhatsApp or third-party WhatsApp client apps, you will likely encounter an error ‘This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’. The appearance of the error means that your account is banned.

But what happens after you get your WhatsApp account banned? Is there any way to lift the ban on WhatsApp accounts? We will discuss the ‘This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’ in detail. Let’s get started.

Why does the ‘This Account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’ error appear?

The ‘This Account is not allowed to use WhatsApp generally appears when your account is banned. If you see this error, you are unlucky and have your account banned.

There could be various reasons why the ban was implemented because WhatsApp considers several details before applying a ban to your account.

There are two types of bans on WhatsApp – Temporary and Permanent. The temporary bans are set for limited times, whereas the permanent bans are for a lifetime and can’t be lifted.

Why WhatsApp Bans Account?

According to WhatsApp, few practices lead to temporary or permanent account bans. Here are the key reasons why WhatsApp bans accounts without warning.

  • Unwanted Messages

Unwanted messages or message spam are often the key reasons for an account ban.

If any contact asks you to stop messaging them, it’s best to remove the contact from your address book and refrain from messaging them again.

  • Automated Messages

If you use third-party apps to send automatic and continuous messages to your contacts, you invite trouble. Automatic or bulk messages are not allowed on WhatsApp, which can lead to an account ban.

  • Messaging unknown users

Using a contact list that isn’t yours is not allowed on WhatsApp. If many contacts report your account for messaging them, you can get your account banned.

  • Sharing Prohibited Content

Like every other instant messaging app, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to share prohibited content. Prohibited content includes scam links, adult content, hate speech, and everything else considered illegal online.

  • Sharing Virus or Malicious Files

WhatsApp also prohibits sharing malicious files as attachments. If WhatsApp finds you sharing viruses or malicious content, your account can be banned permanently.

  • Use of WhatsApp Mods

Many users have already had their WhatsApp accounts banned due to using WhatsApp Mods. WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp+, etc., offer better features, but they also pose security and privacy risks. The use of modded WhatsApp apps can lead to a permanent account ban.

These are some key reasons for the WhatsApp Account ban. If you don’t want to lose your account, it’s best to avoid these practices.

What can you do to regain access to your WhatsApp account?

If you have encountered the ‘This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’ on the app, your account is already banned. If it’s temporarily banned, you can get it back.

However, if your account is banned permanently, there’s no way to get it back. If the ban is permanent, there are rare chances of recovering a banned WhatsApp account. Here are the few best ways to recover a banned WhatsApp account.

Make Sure You’re Using the Official WhatsApp App

One of the prominent reasons that triggers the ‘This Account is Not Allowed to Use WhatsApp’ message is the use of WhatsApp Mods.

WhatsApp Mods, or the Modded version of WhatsApp, brings new & exciting features but can also create problems. WhatsApp doesn’t allow the use of a modified version of the app, and if it detects such events, it immediately bans the account.

So, if you often face account ban problems while using WhatsApp, it’s best to stop using the modified version of WhatsApp. Also, it’s recommended to get the WhatsApp app directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and avoid third-party websites.

Submit the Review and Wait

If you are prevented from using your WhatsApp account, you have likely violated some terms and conditions.

If you see the review screen, you need to submit the review and wait 10-12 hours.

Your review will be sent to the WhatsApp support team. If your account was banned because of false positive reports or spam, you will get it back.

Get Unbanned From WhatsApp – Contact Support

If you want to get unbanned from WhatsApp quickly, contact the WhatsApp Support team and ask them to review your account.

This method is effective only if WhatsApp bans your account by mistake. So, if you think your WhatsApp account is banned by mistake, you can follow this method.

1. Open your mobile web browser and visit the WhatsApp Contact Us page.

2. On the Contact WhatsApp screen, select WhatsApp Messenger Support.

WhatsApp Messenger Support

3. Now fill in the details, like your phone number linked to WhatsApp, email address, device, and message.

fill in the details

4. Describe why your account should be restored on the message. Explain your issue and click on the Next step.

Explain your issue

This will send your appeal to the WhatsApp Support Team. They will review your banned WhatsApp account and unban it (if applicable).

WhatsApp Temporary Ban Recovery

Those searching for help getting unbanned from WhatsApp quickly must email the WhatsApp support team. If your WhatsApp account is banned temporarily, email the WhatsApp support team explaining your problem.

Write as much detail as possible in the email message. This will help the WhatsApp Support team look into your issue. However, emailing WhatsApp will only work if your account is banned by mistake.

If you’ve done anything that’s not allowed on the app, the chances of getting WhatsApp unbanned is very low.

WhatsApp Email Support: [email protected]

Take Help from Twitter

Take Help from Twitter

Another way to connect with WhatsApp is via Twitter. You can try this if you’re getting no email response from the WhatsApp Support team.

Open Twitter and send a Tweet to WhatsApp explaining your problem. To increase your chances of getting exposure, ask your friends to retweet the tweet you’ve shared.

This will help your Tweet get noticed and increase your chances of getting a reply from the official WhatsApp Twitter handle.

WhatsApp Twitter Handle:

Create another WhatsApp Account

Create new WhatsApp Account

If your WhatsApp account has been banned permanently and every attempt has been in vain, it’s best to create another WhatsApp account.

You can sign up for WhatsApp with your secondary phone number and avoid prohibited activities. WhatsApp also shared a list of best practices. Here are the ones.

  • Communicate with known contacts.
  • Use Group Controls Features.
  • Don’t use Modded Versions of WhatsApp.
  • Don’t send Automated and Repetitive Messages.
  • Think twice before forwarding messages.
  • Ask for permission and respect boundaries.
  • Don’t share content that is considered illegal.

If you don’t want to lose your WhatsApp account, follow these practices. You should always use WhatsApp responsibly to avoid problems.

Some Other Reasons for Not Being Able to Use WhatsApp

We have already highlighted the main reasons for the WhatsApp account ban, but there are other less common reasons that can also create issues. Below are the less common reasons for not being able to use WhatsApp

  • Outdated version of WhatsApp App
  • Your phone has network problems.
  • WhatsApp compatibility issues with your phone.
  • Problem with the account verifications.
  • These are the less common reasons, but they shouldn’t be ignored.

So, these are the few things you can do to fix the ‘This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’ error. You can try our shared methods to get your WhatsApp account unbanned. If you need more help getting your WhatsApp unbanned, let us know in the comments.

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