How To Create BJP Congress AI Photo 2024

The Indian election season is in full swing, generating palpable excitement across the nation. As someone passionate about technology, I couldn’t resist exploring how artificial intelligence could create engaging visuals connected to this pivotal event – the 2024 elections. Since meeting the Prime Minister in person isn’t feasible, why not harness AI to produce customized images where you shake hands with the PM, cast your vote, or participate in a rally?

How To Create BJP Congress AI Photo 2024

I experimented with providing prompts to an AI image generator and was amazed by the creative visuals it produced. Let me share some of the prompts I used and the resulting imagery.

Prompt Example: “An 18-year-old girl beaming with pride, her inked finger indicating she just voted for the first time, with the Indian flag waving majestically behind her.”

The process was straightforward:

  1. Visit an AI image creation tool like Bing Image Creator.
  2. Enter a detailed text description of the desired image.
  3. Let the AI generate variations matching your prompt.
  4. Select your preferred image style, aspect ratio, etc.
  5. Download or share the custom AI-generated image.

Repeating this process with new prompts yielded a collection of captivating, election-themed visuals. Blending technology with creativity not only infused excitement into the electoral cycle but showcased AI’s power to bring our imaginations vividly to life. As Indians prepare to vote, I’m eager to witness other innovative AI applications enhancing this democratic process.


  1. Depict a youthful 20-year-old lad adorned in a BJP-colored tee, his name “GOVIND” emblazoned across the front, shaking hands with the party’s esteemed chairman Narendra, surrounded by a sea of fluttering BJP flags and cheering supporters, in a realistic 3D art painting.
  2. Craft an image of a charming 21-year-old boy named “GOVIND,” clad in a saffron t-shirt bearing the BJP’s lotus symbol, warmly shaking hands with a prominent political figure while enthusiastic supporters encircle them.
  3. Render a vivid art painting depicting four dashing 20-year-old boys – GOVIND, Sahil, Rahul, and Rishu – standing proudly before a towering BJP flag, their hands raised in a two-finger salute, donning shades of green and red, with their names boldly inscribed behind them.
  4. Generate an image of a charming 21-year-old boy named “GOVIND,” wearing a white t-shirt emblazoned with the Congress party’s hand symbol, shaking hands with a prominent political figure whose identity is unmistakable, amid a throng of ardent supporters.
  5. Illustrate a real 20-year-old Indian boy named “GOVIND,” his little finger proudly bearing the indelible ink of having cast his vote, garbed in a white tee and jeans, his name boldly displayed, with “Get ready for Elections 2024” in the background, amidst a bustling Indian polling station teeming with voters waiting in line.
  6. Envision a dynamic scene where a vibrant youth named “GOVIND,” clad in a BJP-hued t-shirt, enthusiastically greets the party’s revered leader, Narendra, their handshake capturing the spirit of the moment, as a sea of saffron flags flutters behind them, surrounded by a roaring crowd of ardent supporters.
  7. Craft an image depicting a charismatic 21-year-old boy named “GOVIND,” donning a crisp white kurta adorned with the Congress party’s iconic hand symbol, warmly shaking hands with a prominent political figure, while a diverse array of supporters cheer them on.
  8. Render an artistic portrayal of four dashing young men – Rohan, Shyam, Aman, and Vinay – standing tall and proud before a massive Congress tricolor, their hands raised in a gesture of unity, clad in shades of white and khadi, with their names boldly inscribed in the foreground.
  9. Generate an image of a youthful 20-year-old named “ARVA,” her little finger stained with the indelible ink of democracy, sporting a vibrant sari in hues of the Indian flag, her radiant smile reflecting the joy of having exercised her civic duty, amidst a bustling polling station filled with eager voters.
  10. Illustrate a heartwarming scene where an elderly couple, dressed in traditional attire bearing the colors of their respective political parties, walk hand in hand towards a polling booth, their faces etched with determination to participate in the democratic process, their names “RAMESH & GITA” proudly displayed.

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