How to Beat Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2?

The Annihilator Tank is a formidable enemy in Helldivers 2, belonging to the Automaton faction. Its one particular of the toughest foes youll deal with in the game, intensely armored and packing a highly effective explosive cannon.

In which To Find Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2?

Hey there, fellow Helldiver! Completely ready to get on the hardest of the challenging? The Annihilator Tank is waiting around for you, and Im right here to guidebook you on how to locate and conquer this beast in Helldivers 2.

Move 1: Choose the Appropriate Mission

First things 1st, you gotta choose a mission thats Really hard issues or previously mentioned. These poor boys only show up when the stakes are substantial, so brace on your own for a problem.

Move 2: Head to the Automaton Region

Once youre geared up, navigate to the Automaton location on the galactic war map. This is wherever these tanks like to cling out.

Move 3: Continue to keep an Eye Out

As youre finishing goals and blasting absent enemies, continue to be sharp. Automaton dropships generally fall off the Annihilator Tanks immediately after youve cleared out the smaller fry.

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How to Beat Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2?

Stage 1: Uncover Your Target

These tanks are section of the Automaton military, so youll find them on Automaton planets. Glimpse for missions that are Tough problem or more durable since thats in which these tanks roll out.

Action 2: Enjoy for the Drop

Maintain your eyes peeled in the course of the mission. Soon after youve taken treatment of the more compact enemies, the Annihilator Tanks generally make a grand entrance via Automaton dropships.

Destroying the Annihilator Tank

Step 1: Goal for the Weak Place

The tanks challenging, but not invincible. Its Achilles heel is the glowing exhaust on the back of the turret. Thats exactly where you hit it difficult!

Move 2: Bring Out the Large Guns

Your standard peashooters wont do considerably listed here. You have to have anything that packs a punch like AutocannonsConsume-17s, or other explosives.

Phase 3: Simply call in the Cavalry

Occasionally, you just want to go even larger. Connect with down a 500 KG Bomb or an Orbital Railcannon from orbit to make absolutely sure the job receives performed.

Ideas for the Combat

  • Teamwork can make the desire perform. Get your squad collectively for this struggle.
  • Hold a major ordnance stratagem handy for these hard encounters.
  • If youre emotion fortunate, try to land your Hellpod on it for a shock assault.

Ideal Weapons to Conquer Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2

So, youre up in opposition to the Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2 and require the ideal firepower to consider it down? No sweat! Ive bought the scoop on the top weapons thatll aid you blast that tank to smithereens.

Prime Weapons for Tank Takedown

  • Consume-17: This explosive is a tanks worst nightmare. Purpose and shoot for a significant growth.
  • Autocannons: Preserve firing these undesirable boys for some severe injury.
  • Railgun: Precision and electricity, the perfect combo to pierce that tank armor.
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle: This is your go-to weapon when you need to have to hit tricky and rapidly.

Major Ordnance

Dont overlook to call in the major hitters from orbit:

  • 500 KG Bomb: Drop one particular of these for a massive explosion.
  • Orbital Railcannon: Its like calling down the hammer of the gods on that tank.

Helldivers 2 Annihilator Tank Difficulty Level

The Annihilator Tank is no joke. Its one particular of the hardest enemies youll facial area in the game. Youll uncover these metallic monsters starting from Problem 3 (Medium), but theyre additional popular from Problems 6 (Intense).

Annihilator Tank Spawn

The place and When to Come across Them

These tanks like to make a grand entrance. Theyll demonstrate up in theAutomaton areaon missions that areTricky issueor previously mentioned. Preserve an eye out for Automaton dropships thats your cue for a tank that may possibly be incoming.

Squad Up for Superior Odds

The a lot more Helldivers you have in your squad, the larger the opportunity of a tank spawning. So get your friends and get completely ready for some tank-hunting motion!

Using Down an Annihilator Tank with a 500kg Bomb in Helldivers 2

500KG Bomb vs Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2


  1. Loadout:  Equip your Helldiver with the 500kg bomb stratagem. You could possibly also take into consideration packing supplemental assist stratagems like smoke grenades to obscure your movement or airstrikes to soften up the tank just before the bomb run.
  2. Detect the Tank: Locate the Annihilator Tank. Don’t forget, they seem more regularly in missions with difficulty 5 or bigger, in particular Eradication-sort missions.

Participating the Tank:

  1. Assess the Situation:  Evaluate the environment. Glance for structures or big objects that can deliver cover even though you approach the tank. Open up fields present little protection and make you a sitting duck for the tanks cannon.
  2. Maneuvering:  Use the terrain and include to get as near to the Annihilator Tank as probable without becoming noticed. Purpose for the flanks or rear of the tank if possible, as these parts may well be considerably less properly-guarded. Smoke grenades can be practical in this article to mask your motion.
  3. Focusing on: Once in variety, ping the Annihilator Tank (R1) to be certain you have a apparent concentrate on lock. Preferably, you want to strike the tank right or land the bomb near its vulnerable vents on the again.
  4. Deployment:Deploy the 500kg bomb. This will initiate a shorter targeting sequence. Make certain you have a crystal clear line of sight and the tank is in just the bombs blast radius.
  5. Detonation:Detonate the bomb! Heres exactly where a little bit of luck arrives in. A immediate hit or a shut explosion around the vents will probably wipe out the Annihilator Tank in 1 go. Nevertheless, the blast may only problems the tank if it is off-heart.

Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind, that tank can wipe you out promptly, so engage in it wise, use protect, and dont be shy about retreating to battle yet another day.

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