Free Online Image Cropper: 10 Best Sites to Crop Photos

Most online photo editors are free; only some require account creation. These web tools are great for regular photo edits, such as removing the background, restoring the photo quality, resizing, cropping, etc.

In this article, we will discuss how to crop images on computer. While there are many ways to crop images on a PC, the easiest one is to use free online image croppers. Online image croppers are web-based photo editing tools that allow you to remove unwanted objects from your images.

10 Best Sites to Crop Photos Online

These web tools are great for removing unwanted objects, improving composition, and changing the aspect ratio of a picture. If you want to explore the online image crop tools, check the list below.

1. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is a great tool for eliminating unwanted objects or parts from an image. It’s an online crop tool for cropping JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

The iLoveIMG crop tool lacks many options, but it can handle regular image cropping quite well. To use it, you just need to open your favorite web browser, visit the website, and upload the images.

After uploading the image, you need to set the crop options like Width, Height, Position X, and Position Y and click the Crop image button. This will instantly crop your image.

2. Fotor Image Cropper

Fotor Image Cropper

Fotor Image Cropper is a great tool for cropping images online for free. It’s a great image cropper that lets you crop images to any size and shape in just a few clicks.

The site’s interface is clean and supports batch image cropping options. Since it’s a web tool & is responsive, you can use it from your smartphone as well.

To crop images with Fotor Image Cropper, click the Crop Image Now button. This will open Fotor’s AI photo editor. Upload the image, select the crop style, and click the Apply button.

This will immediately crop your uploaded images. However, you need to purchase the premium version of Fotor AI Photo Editor to unlock all crop designs.



IMG2GO is a great site to crop pictures online to get an exact cutout of your desired photo. The site’s user-friendly interface is clean and doesn’t stress your system resources.

The user interface is also highly responsive, allowing you to access the web tool from mobile devices. This is a simple image cropping tool that runs on your web browser.

To start with IMG2GO, you need to upload the images, choose the cropping options, and click the Apply button. This will immediately crop your uploaded images.

4. ResizePixel


ResizePixel isn’t a very popular image crop tool on the list; it’s still one of the best and fastest online image croppers you can use today.

Since ResizePixel is a web based tool, there’s no requirement for installing any software or browser extension. Also, you don’t need to learn anything to get your images cropped.

Currently, ResizePixel supports cropping JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, WEBP, and TIFF file formats. Its image crop speed is fast, and it provides various crop styles.

To start with ResizePixel, upload your image to the website, select the area you want to crop, and click the Crop button. This will instantly crop your image and provide you with the download.

5. Adobe Express Online Image Cropper

Adobe Express Online Image Cropper

Adobe, the company behind the popular photo editing suite Photoshop, also offers web tools. One of those web tools is the image cropper, which is free to use forever and requires no credit card.

There’s no requirement to create an account to use the image cropper. All you need to do is upload your photo, select the Crop size, and click the Download button.

While Adobe offers the web based image cropper for free, it lacks many features. There’s no crop style you can select; you only get a rectangle crop tool over the image, which you need to adjust to crop.

6. Watermarkly Image Cropper

Watermarkly Image Cropper

Watermarkly provides you with various web based photo editing tools. Basically, this is a website that can replace your PC’s premium photo editing software.

The website provides free tools to resize, crop, convert, and compress your images. The image crop tool is free to use and processes the files on your device.

Hence, the site claims it doesn’t send your files to its server for cropping. Everything is done locally on your device; therefore, there’s nothing to worry about security and privacy.

To crop images with Watermarkly Image Cropper, you must upload your pictures, select the crop shape, and click the Crop Images button. This will crop your images and provide you with the download.

7. Canva Image Cropper

Canva Image Cropper

If you want a web tool to crop images for better composition, look no other than Canva Image Cropper. Canva Image Cropper utilizes the Crop tool of Canva.

So, if you already have the premium version of Canva, you can use the crop tool by logging into your account. The crop tool of Canva can be used for free and cut any photo down to size to balance designs or beautifully reframe your photography.

Currently, the site doesn’t support bulk image cropping and only supports the JPG & PNG file format. Cropping an image with Canva is easy; upload the image, select the crop portion, and download the output file.

8. BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor

The photo editor from BeFunky also comes with an image crop tool. You can use the crop tool to crop your photos with the unmatched ease of custom aspect ratio presets.

Like every other online crop tool, BeFunky’s image cropper aims to trim away access pixels from your images and remove unwanted parts. The web tool allows you to take control of image composition & make original photos look unique.

The site’s user interface is very clean & allows image cropping in just three simple steps. To get started, you must upload your image, apply the image crop tool, and download it.

9. PicWish Image Cropper

PicWish Image Cropper

If you are interested in a one click crop tool for cropping your images, you should give PicWish Image Cropper a try. Like most other sites on the list, PicWish Image Cropper allows you to use freeform cropping to focus on a subject.

You can select the subject and cut out unwanted elements within seconds. The web tool supports bulk image cropping and provides flexible cropping, perfect composition options, etc.

Currently, PicWish Image Cropper supports only JPG and PNG image file formats. To crop an image with PicWish, you must upload your JPG/PNG image, select the crop ratio to crop it and download the image on your computer.

10. PicsArt Image Cropper

PicsArt Image Cropper

This is the last web based image crop tool on the list. You can use this online crop tool to perfect your photo compositions within seconds.

Currently, the PicsArt Image Cropper only supports JPEG and PNG file formats. Since it’s free and won’t cost you a thing, you can use it to fulfill your image cropping needs for both professional and personal purposes.

The site also claims that it crops your photos without degrading the quality of the original photo. So, PicsArt Image Cropper is an excellent choice for no quality loss image cropping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these online image croppers safe to use?

Yes! The online image cropper listed in the article is 100% safe to use. However, you should stay away from sites that ask you to install software or extensions.

How to crop an image without losing quality?

Several sites listed in the article provide you with an option to select the quality before cropping or compression. However, if you want no visible quality loss, consider saving the cropped image in PNG format.

Does cropping a JPEG reduce quality?

Yes, cropping cuts out a few photos and zooms the subject. So, there’s some quality loss in cropping a JPEG image format.

Can these sites compress the photos?

Although we have shared the websites that let you crop images, some of them also have online photo compression tools. You can use such sites to compress images online.

These are some of the best online photo crop tools available today. Almost all the tools listed on the site are free and offer unlimited file cropping. Let us know which one you use the most for your regular image cropping needs.

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