Cloudflare’s New AI ML Suite for Real-Time Telemetry of User Activities

What Is The News About?

Now this is something exciting, Cloudflare detailed their upcoming advancements in real-time telemetry with amazing features. It detects suspicious traffic and user activity as they traverse their network. The new AI ML suite will detect malicious payloads, suspicious activity, and possible signs of compromise. Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture is a new suite of risk management solutions introduced today by industry leader Cloudflare, Inc. These solutions aim to make it easier for organizations to detect, assess, and manage cyber threats in any setting. Customers can eliminate manual processes and gain a more complete picture of cyber risks to effectively remediate them, all from a single platform, thanks to Cloudflare’s rich security suite, which includes capabilities from Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and application security, as well as best-in-class partnerships with CrowdStrike and other leading endpoint and identity management providers.

There has been a seismic change in the competition between attackers and defenders due to new cutting-edge assault tactics and emerging technologies. The requirement for enterprises to improve visibility across risk settings while decreasing the amount of manual effort needed to manage security operations is greater than ever before. However, it is extremely difficult to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and implement remedial measures using standalone security technologies and point solutions. From internal risks like phishing scams and insider threats to external hazards like zero-day vulnerabilities and data breaches, CISOs want a straightforward and all-encompassing strategy to reclaim control across all attack vectors. With Cloudflare for Unified Risk Posture, a CISO can easily evaluate threats, exchange indicators, and apply dynamic controls throughout the organization, all from a single platform. This simplifies the road to locking down risk in their environment.

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Why Is This News Important?

Personalize policies according to distinct risk ratings for users and apps: Cloudflare uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor real-time user actions and suspicious network traffic for signs of compromise. In response to evolving risk factors and threats, security teams can halt questionable behavior and adjust their security posture accordingly.

get a fuller picture of the danger environment To better serve its SIEM and XDR customers, Cloudflare receives risk scores from its endpoint protection (EPP) and identity provider (IDP) partners and then shares this information with them. Customers may get deeper research and further examine any vulnerabilities through a uniform API thanks to integrations with technologies like CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM. Improved threat prevention is possible as a whole thanks to the integration of first- and third-party data, native threat intelligence, artificial intelligence, and workflow automation.


It is no longer necessary for organizations to set up and administer controls in each location they operate in; instead, they can enable control locally and implement new risk controls quickly throughout their entire network in every time zone. Using the power of Cloudflare’s massive global network, Unified Risk Posture provides one-of-a-kind real-time telemetry to improve risk posture in the long run.

  • Centralized Threat Management: CISOs can identify, assess, and address threats from a single platform, streamlining security operations and reducing manual work.

  • Unified Risk Picture: Combines real-time telemetry from Cloudflare’s network with threat data from endpoint and identity partners for a comprehensive view of the risk landscape.

  • Dynamic Risk Controls: AI and ML analyzes user activity and network traffic to automatically adjust security controls based on real-time risk scores.

  • Simplified Risk Remediation: Eliminates the need to manage security controls in each location, allowing for quick implementation of new controls across the entire network.

  • Enhanced Threat Detection: Leverages Cloudflare’s global network to provide real-time threat intelligence and improve long-term security posture.

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