Apromore and Soroco Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Process Optimization Through AI

Apromore, a leading provider of AI-driven process mining and simulation, and Soroco, a leader in AI and interaction data, announced a strategic partnership. Together, Apromore and Soroco aim to transform how organizations increase visibility and operational excellence by empowering businesses with an easy-to-use, no-code solution to gain complete understanding of end-to-end business processes, identify areas for improvement, and achieve more effective and efficient business outcomes.

Apromore is a leading global provider of process mining and AI-driven business process improvement technology.

The partnership brings together Apromore’s process mining platform with Soroco’s flagship Scout AI model to enable enterprises to gain AI-accelerated insights into end-to-end business processes – both transaction-level insights from ERP systems and human-machine interaction data- driven insights from activities and workloads by teams and individuals. Combined, the solution delivers end-to-end process optimization capability that spans discovery, recommendation, simulation and modeling via digital twins, process optimization, and continuous monitoring.

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“We are excited about this partnership with Apromore – a company driving innovation in process mining and operational intelligence. The combination of Soroco’s Scout AI model with Apromore’s process mining capabilities is a powerful solution that aims to provide our joint customers with comprehensive insights into operational performance, enabling them to automate and improve processes, mitigate risks, and unlock value from their data,” said Samson David, CEO of Soroco.

“Soroco is an industry leader with innovative work graph technology that consistently delivers proven productivity improvements for organizations worldwide. Combining task and process intelligence empowers business users to investigate processes at an unprecedented level of detail, context and scale — from a macro-level to investigate business performance milestones and KPIs, as well as from a micro-level to investigate individual steps in employee or customer processes that require fixing or that are suitable for automation and improvement. This level of abstraction enables businesses to gain comprehensive insights into operational intelligence, rapidly discover new process enhancement opportunities, and simulate and test process modifications to ensure sustainable improvements. We look forward to joining forces with Soroco to help customers leverage operational intelligence to achieve business automation and digital transformation at scale,” said Marlon Dumas, Co-founder and CPO at Apromore.

Named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Process Mining Platforms Report for the second consecutive year, the Apromore platform is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy AI-driven process mining solution that enables business and technology teams to quickly visualize and analyze their business processes and simulate proposed changes in a risk-free digital twin simulation model, assessing impact and risk prior to implementation. Powered by patents, Scout AI generates a work graph that maps hidden pains experienced by teams and their impact on business outcomes.

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