Aligned’s AI Co-pilot Helps B2B Sales Teams Close Deals Even in Their Sleep

How do you picture an average tech sales employee?

You typically think of a fresh college graduate embarking on their first “real” post-secondary job as a business development representative (BDR). Along with their fellow BDRs, they will be equipped with a vintage sales script that includes the perfect formula for cold-calling and crafting the ideal pitch to close a deal. While depersonalized and pushy sales tactics worked in the past, sales personnel have transitioned away from stereotypical sales blueprints.

With reduced reliance on guidance and handholding, buyers have sidelined sellers who fail to provide meaningful contributions, benefiting from immediate access to information and empowering them to receive instant answers.

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Sales teams face the distinct challenge of providing buyers with tools to enhance the sales process and adapt to the shifting terrain of the buyer-led sales journey. And this new era requires going beyond the traditional sales book. 

To help overcome the challenges of buyer-led sales, Aligned, the customer collaboration platform that simplifies buyer-vendor workflows from start to post-sale, has launched two AI features to elevate sales processes and customer success. Built to accommodate the rising movement of buyer enablement in B2B sales, the Aligned AI suite boosts deal closure rates by assisting sales teams in delivering an elevated sales experience.

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Gal Deitsch, Aligned’s CPO and Co-Founder

Gal Deitsch, Aligned’s CPO and Co-Founder, says: “We are thrilled to launch Aligned AI Suite, a set of innovative tools that will be a powerful first-ever co-pilot that serves both buyers and sellers.”

The pair of AI features support Aligned’s fundamental offerings by streamlining the buyer-vendor dialogue, while enhanced AI elements boost collaboration and deal cycles. These enhancements include:

  • AI-Assist: This feature acts as a buyer’s co-pilot, answering inquiries within Aligned Digital Sales rooms based on shared data, enhancing the buying experience while increasing engagement. By helping sellers avoid being “ghosted” and having minimal influence in the sales process, this feature allows them to guide the buyer’s journey without being overbearing. By intelligently sorting and organizing data, buyers can access crucial information tailored to their needs and stages in the buying process.  
  • AI-Insights: This tool provides smart deal analysis, leveraging data from interactions within Aligned rooms, emails, CRM data, and self-service interactions. It enhances deal management and forecasting, aligning with the shift toward data-driven sales by analyzing unseen aspects of the buying process.

Only a small fraction of a current buyer’s journey involves direct interaction with the seller, potentially leaving gaps if they lack essential information to make informed decisions. Aligned employs advanced data analytics to monitor the buyer-seller journey closely, offering a personalized experience that supports the ultimate goal of converting sales. 

The AI Suite also facilitates easy and confident buyer decision-making, incorporating features that enable sellers to influence the end-to-end buyer journey. By leveraging “behind-the-scenes” buying signals, Aligned empowers sales professionals to sell smarter to prospective buyers. Based on stakeholder interactions, the signals help sellers understand which buyers are serious, identify risks, and intent, and know how to follow up.

Deitsch adds: “The truth is that most buyers’ journeys unfold independently with minimal involvement from sellers. Recognizing this reality, our goal is to seamlessly integrate advanced AI technologies that empower sellers by elevating the experiences they can offer buyers, even in their absence. By integrating these two distinct AI features, we are confident we can provide buyers and sellers with more efficient and streamlined processes.” 

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The sales ecosystem has witnessed significant changes to its processes, and they are unlikely to slow down. By focusing on enhancing the buyer journey and empowering internal advocates, the sales industry can thrive amid these ongoing transformations, driving success and value for all players involved. 

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