13 Best GenVideos Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Movies are our ultimate source of relaxation and entertainment, but only a few websites offer free movies and TV Shows.

One such site is GenVideos, an excellent website for watching TV Shows and Movies for free. However, the site was found to be hosting copyrighted content and was taken down immediately.

As a result, GenVideos is inaccessible today, and it keeps changing its domain address at regular intervals. Lately, the site has also started showing spammy ads and redirecting users to malicious websites.

13 Best GenVideos Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Hence, if you are fed up with Genvideos, you may like to use these Genvideos alternatives instead. Below, we have shared some of the best sites, like Genvideos, for free Movie and TV Show streaming. All of these sites will let you stream videos legally. Let’s check them out.

1. YouTube

YouTube may not be the best GenVideos alternative, but it’s still one of the great video sites you can check out.

YouTube is the most popular video site in the world, with endless hours of video content.

Even though you can’t watch the latest full-length movies on YouTube, the platform does have some old classical movies.

Also, some popular channels often upload full-length movies and TV Series episodes. Additionally, there’s an option on YouTube that lets you rent Movies.

2. Yidio


If you are looking for a video aggregator site to check which movies and TV shows are available on different websites, Yidio could be the best choice.

Yidio is very different from GenVideos. It’s a video aggregator that collects and lists movies and TV shows available on various streaming platforms.

So, Yidio is more like a platform that can help you find new content, especially if you need more clarification on what to watch next.

Also, there’s an option on Yidio that lets you check which video contents were available for download for offline playback.

3. Hulu


Hulu is the best GenVideos alternative that you can use today. It’s a subscription-based video streaming service that provides endless hours of free video content.

Hulu’s only drawback is that it does not offer a free plan. Therefore, purchasing a premium plan is mandatory.

If we talk about content, Hulu has a wide range to offer. From Movies to TV Series to Documentaries, you will find a host of content on the platform.

Another interesting feature of Hulu is its downloading feature. The premium plan unlocks the download option to download content for offline playback.

4. CONtv


If you have used GenVideos to watch anime videos, CONtv might be your best pick. CONtv, previously known as Viewster, is one of the leading anime movie streaming sites.

Even though you get a dedicated section for Hollywood movies on CONtv, the site’s sole focus is to provide you with animated content.

The good thing about CONtv is that it covers a wide variety of Movie and TV Show genres, such as drama, comedy, adventure, action, sci-fi, and more.

You can use CONtv for free, but you need to adjust the ads between the videos. The number of ads was less, though; it’s still best to use an ad-blocker extension.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another of the best ad-supported video streaming sites on the list, and you can use it instead of GenVideos.

We have listed Tubi TV as one of the best sites, like GenVideos, because of its simplicity. Tubi TV has a clean user interface, and it requires no subscription.

While Tubi TV is a free video streaming site, it shows ads in between the videos, which may ruin your video-watching experience.

Regarding the video content, Tubi TV hosts thousands of movies and shows you can watch for free on the platform.

Another good thing about Tubi TV is its availability. The video streaming site is available for almost all platforms, including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and more.

6. Vudu


Vudu is an American digital Video Store and streaming service owned by Fandango Media. Watching videos on Vudu is legal, and you don’t need to worry about legal issues.

Over the years, Vudu has served as an excellent platform for movies and TV shows. While it may not be as popular as premium video streaming services, it still has many quality video content.

However, there’s one thing you should note before you watch Vudu: not all content on the site is free to watch.

Instead, you have a dedicated Free section that lists all videos you can watch for free. The free version of Vudu shows fewer ads, but they won’t ruin your movie-watching experience.

7. Watch TCM

Watch TCM

Watch TCM is another site that is better than GenVideo, and it’s great for watching free movies and TV shows.

The only drawback of Watch TCM is that it’s only available in the US with a cable subscription. The site covers movies of various genres, but it’s mainly known for its impressive collection of cult classics.

Watch TCM could be a great choice, especially if you are searching for a GenVideo alternative for watching Movies and TV Shows on your mobile.

Watch TCM is also an Android, iOS, and Apple TV app. You can even run Watch TCM on streaming devices with some tweaks.

8. Netflix


Netflix needs no introduction, as everyone knows about it. This is by far the most popular video streaming service on the list, known for its wide variety of Movies and TV Shows.

Popular Movies & TV Shows: Netflix is known mainly for its exclusive content. Now, Netflix has delivered massive hits such as Squid Games and Money Heist.

Unfortunately, Netflix is not a free video streaming platform; you must pay monthly to view the videos.

Also, you can only explore the Netflix video catalog if you create an account. So, if you prefer to watch top-rated movies & TV Shows, Netflix is the one for you.

9. Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video came out of nowhere to become the second-based video streaming service after Netflix. With thousands of hours of video content, Prime Video is easily the best pick for GenVideos alternative for legal movie streaming.

It’s a subscription-based service and doesn’t have any free plan. To use Prime Video, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Subscription.

The Prime Subscription unlocks many other features, such as Prime delivery, Prime Reading, Prime gaming, and more.

If we talk about the content, Prime Video is a rich selection of Movies & TV Shows that will provide you with endless hours of fun and entertainment.

10. Disney+

Disney+ Hotstar

If you are a Marvel fanboy looking for the best site to stream Marvel movies and TV Shows, look no further than Disney+.

Disney+ is known for its massive catalog of movies and TV shows. Some of the content on Disney+ is free to view, but you can watch the first few minutes or first episodes for free.

Disney+ has multiple subscription plans, which allows you to pick what fits your budget. The premium subscription to Disney+ will also unlock a few TV channels for watching live sports and shows.

Among all the other features that it provides, Disney+ is mainly known for its exclusive content. Every premium plan of Disney+ offers a download option that allows you to download movies and TV shows for offline playback.

11. Kanopy


Kanopy is a premium movie streaming service, but you can get it for free if you’re a university student or professor or have a public library card.

The site has top-rated Movies, which you can watch in high quality after purchasing a plan. The user interface is also clean and very similar to Netflix.

Regarding content, Kanopy has thousands of on-demand films and TV shows you can watch for free. Some popular classic films on the site are Dial M for Murder, His Girl Friday, A Star is Born, etc.

12. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a website that lets you watch hit movies, live news, popular TV Shows, Sports & More. It’s a famous name in video streaming services and can be accessed for free.

Basically, The Roku Channel is meant to run on Roku devices or a TV, but it now has a web version that everyone can access.

While there’s an option to sign up for a free account and watch Movies & TV Shows, all are supported by ads.

So, if you can tolerate the commercials appearing everywhere, The Roku Channel might be the perfect GenVideos alternative.

13. Crackle


Crackle is a good choice for those who love watching Movies & TV Shows from Sony. Originally known as Sony Crackle, it has now become an individual entity that provides free access to high-quality movies and TV Shows.

What we like about Crackle is its immense collection of Anime movies. Crackle is usually a go-to choice for anime movie lovers.

The only drawback of Sony Crackle is its availability; as of now, Crackle is only available in the US and Australia. If you live in any other country, you must use a VPN app to unblock and access the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GenVideos a safe site to visit?

No! GenVideos isn’t exactly a safe site to visit since it hosts many copyrighted video content. This is the reason it was banned in many regions.

Which are the best GenVideos alternatives?

The sites listed in the article are the best GenVideos alternatives. Most of these are subscription-based services that host original content.

Are these movie streaming sites safe to visit?

Yes! All sites listed in the article are 100% safe to visit. You can visit these sites without worrying about any legal issues.

Do I need a VPN to access these websites?

Even though all websites shared on the list offer legal streams, some services may not be available in your region. So, depending on your location, you may need a VPN to access the content of some website

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So, these are some of the best Movie streaming sites you can use instead of GenMovies. All of the sites we have listed in the article provide legal streams. Let us know if you want to share your favorite GenMovies alternatives in the comments below.

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