Animal Care

For veterinarian, zoological and general farm and livestock usage

Because of its capabilities as an antimicrobial, antifungicidal and antibacterial agent, as we being a highly efficient non-toxic cleaner, Nano Green is gradually being heralded as an answer to a wide variety of horse, pet, livestock and wild animal problems. It has not only proven to be effective in the treatment of disease and injury, but is a superior product for general clean up, ranging from stables and pens to machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Like its other formulations, Nano Green’s special wash/treatment for animals  is bio-based, non-hazardous and totally non-toxic. Unlike competitive products available in the marketplace today, which contain ingredients that can be harmful to both the human handler as well as the animal, Nano Green AC-60-1 is made primarily from extracts of grains, corn, potatoes soybeans and palm oil. It cannot affect the animal's eyes, ears or respiratory system. Even ingestion has no deleterious effect. When the basic concentration of ingredients is combined in a proper dilution with water and agitated, the result is a highly effective and economical cleaner for pens, stables and all types of enclosures. When applied with a mister, it provides immediate relief for such troublesome insects as mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, fleas and ticks. It is also able to control or eliminate bacterial and fungal infections, while at the same time greatly accelerating the healing process

Over a period of several years, horse owners, handlers, breeders and vets have reported that Nano Green has been successful in the treatment of;

Abrasions Mange
Bacteria Mud Fever
Cracked Heel Mud Foot
Cuts Nicks
Dew Poisoning Parasites
Equine Scratches Rain Rot
Foot Rot Rain Scald
Fungus Scratches
Girth Rash Summer Itch
Grease Heel Swamp Fever
Greasy Heel Thrush
Lacerations Wounds
Lice Yeast

One of the reasons for Nano Green's popularity lies in its ease of application. The animal does not have to be clipped, scrubbed, scarped, soaked or warped. All that is required is a spray bottle application or gentle daub on the affected part of the animal. One race horse owner soaks a cloth in Nano Green twice a day and applies it around any infected area. In the case of a bad infection in the bulb of his horse’s foot he claims that an infection that normally would have taken weeks to heal, disappeared over a four-to-five day period. Since the solution is gentle and non-irritating, minimal handling of the horse's tender areas is required, in particular painful or tender feet. Consequently, the possibility of injury to the horse owner, handler, blacksmith or veterinarian is minimized.

In addition to its medical applications, Nano Green is also an excellent wash for the body and hair of the horse, leaving its coat shiny and free of tangles.

Because of its highly superior cleaning ability, Nano Green is also the perfect product for the washing or cleaning of  Tractors, Trailers, 4-Wheelers, Trucks, Cars, Stables, Barns, Pails, Containers, Horse Urine, Bedding, Fly Mask, Fly Sheets, Saddle Pads, Saddle Blankets, Grooming Brushes, Riding Pads, and Horse Blankets.

It has a particular relevance in the cleaning of pens, concrete areas and enclosures within a zoo setting. It is an extremely effective cleaner and does not cause any behavioral problems brought on due to toxic petrochemical residues, either on the pen surface or in the air. The final benefit it offers the animal caretaker lies in its economical cost of application. It also provides a labor savings of 50% or more, compared with conventional cleaning products and practices, because it leaves no residues and therefore requires no clean-up or final rinsing.

To summarize, Nano Green is a new generational product for the treatment of animal maladies. It is inexpensive to purchase and use, simple and safe to handle and is gentle and non-irritating to both humans and animals. It has a record of suppressing bacterial and fungal infections, ridding animals of parasites and accelerating recovery from minor skin abrasions and infections. Organic, totally safe, entirely non-toxic Nano Green is equally effective for the treatment of dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and other farm animals as well as domestic pets and horses, and wild animals housed in zoological parks.